Reference Databases

The Unified Health API integrates the disparate health data standards in order to accelerate clinical research.
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​3. Medication​

6. Clinical Trials

​AACT is a publicly available relational database that contains all information (protocol and result data elements) about every study registered in

7. Medical Codes, Terms, and Synonyms

​The Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine (SNOMED) is a systematic collection of medical codes, terms, synonyms and definitions which cover
  • anatomy
  • diseases
  • findings
  • procedures
  • microorganisms
  • substances
  • etc.
SnoMed Databases

Data Schema


  • ​Open mHealth - common schemas define the meaningful distinctions for each clinical measure
  • ​Apple HealthKit - a set of schemas for the Apple HealthKit platform


  • ​FHIR - a standard for electronic health records
  • ​openEHR - openEHR is a technology for e-health consisting of open platform specifications, clinical models, and software that together define a domain-driven information systems platform for healthcare and medical research.

Synthetic Data