Use Github For Task Management

Some benefits I see of using GitHub issues for task management:
  • Universal Searchability: The search box in the upper left of the repo can act as a universal search engine for the project if we keep everything in one place. By typing in the search box you'll be able to instantly find Issues, Code, Documentation, Wikis, Discussions, Pull Requests, Commits. (i.e.
  • Prioritization: We can use crowdsourcing to prioritize issue importance. Anyone can click thumbs up or down on an issue. Then it's possible to sort issues based on the number of thumbs up 👍 or down 👎.
  • Expertise Filtering: We can tag issues with areas of expertise required (such as legal expertise, programming languages, graphic design, etc). That way people can filter the issues by those that they can help with.
  • Fine-Grained Notification Settings: Anyone can click the Subscribe or Unsubscribe button on the right. to follow the issues that they're interested in and get notifications on comments. This is important because we don't want to overwhelm anyone with notifications that may not be relevant to them.
  • Self-Assignment and Responsibility: People can assign issues to themselves, so we'll know who's responsible. We can use smart contracts to deduct payment for assigning issues to themselves and failing to complete them. This will avoid blockages caused by people who over-promise and under-deliver.
  • Compensation via Smart Contract: We can use the GitHub API to monitor issue completion and link that a smart contract to reward them based on the value of the issue and time to completion.
  • Optimizing Task Assignments: Using the GitHub API, we'll be able to collect data on success rates and time to completion for each task. We can eventually use machine learning on that data to optimize the assignment of tasks to people.
  • Deliverable Visibility: Deliverables can be stored in the repo and will always be attached to the issue. They'll also show up in repo search results.
  • Idea Contribution: We can also use the GitHub API to compensate people for contributing ideas through issue creation. The smart contract can be defined as such that contributors get rewarded in proportion to the ultimate value produced by their ideas.
  • Search Engine Visibility: Google indexes GitHub issues. This will increase the potential for recruiting new Citizens of the DAO who discover the project through search engines.
  • GitHub Projects: Built like a spreadsheet, project tables give you a live canvas to filter, sort, and group issues and pull requests. Tailor them to your needs with custom fields and saved views. (i.e. Draft Whitepaper Project)