Name Tagline Token Name Logo Proposals

The likelihood of success of the DAO will be a function of the number of its Citizens. In order to maximize this number, it is important that everyone sees themselves as an owner.
Once the initial core Laboratory working groups have been established, a name, tagline, logo, and token name can be selected.
Until that time, the DAO shall be referred to with the placeholder CureDAO.
The name, tagline, token name, and logo for the DAO will be determined using the following method:
  1. 1.
    Google Ads Conversion Rate - The click rate and conversion rate for all combinations of names and taglines and logos will be determined using Google Ads. (The click rate is the percentage of people that click on the ad. The conversion rate is the percentage of people that both click on the ad and take an action, like sign up for our newsletter.)
  2. 2.
    Rank Choice Voting - The list of options will be provided to DAO Citizens with the Google Ads conversion rates. DAO Citizens will then rank the options in order of preference.

Get rewards for your brilliant 💡Ideas💡

We'd be very grateful if you'd submit your name, tagline, and/or logo ideas 👉 HERE​

Name Criteria

  • Ideally no more than 3 syllables (like google, ebay, amazon). DAO is one syllable.
  • .org domain must be available (unless the domain owner is willing to transfer ownership to the DAO). Check here: before submitting.
  • Cannot be trademarked (unless the trademark owner is willing to cease and desist usage and transfer sole ownership of all logos, web properties, social media accounts, etc. to the DAO). Check here: before submitting.
The winning ideas will be rewarded with X . [TODO: Vote on what to award]