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One billion people are suffering from chronic conditions without knowing the root causes and most effective solutions.
  • depression
  • bipolar disorder
  • fibromyalgia
  • many others
Clinical research and diagnosis are too
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CureDAO is going to change this.
Recent technological advances have produced a torrent of data on all aspects of human existence, including diet, physical activity, sleep, social interaction, environmental factors, symptom severity, vital signs, and others. CureDAO aggregates and analyzes this data to obtain personalized effectiveness values for treatments and reveal root causes of chronic conditions.
Together, we have an enormous opportunity to dramatically accelerate the pace of clinical research and reduce suffering worldwide.

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About us

Our goal is to make the healthcare experience better for patients and doctors—to increase transparency, lower costs, and improve outcomes. It’s a big challenge, and we hire people who aren’t afraid to take on audacious projects.
We’re proud of fostering a culture where clarity of thought and openness are paramount. We believe in collaboration, respect, and curiosity. Everyone’s input is valued, be it about code, data models, business models, or product ideas
We're working to usher in an era of personalized preventative medicine through crowd-sourced clinical research by providing a new secure platform capable of aggregating massive amounts of heterogeneous life-tracking data.
We will create a tool to help clinicians and those suffering from chronic conditions determine personalized effectiveness rates of treatments and the percent likelihood of root causes.
Furthermore, we will give researchers the ability to run and publish large-scale observational research studies in a matter of minutes on stratified user groups.
We believe that with the right tools, you can have 10x the impact with less work.
We believe that credentials are not needed. What you love doing is way more important than the credentials you have.