Quests and Tokens

$GCURES Founder's Tokens are awarded for completing quests and contributing to experiments.
CureDAO is built on the Aragon DAO platform. The unit of democratic power in CureDAO is the $GCURES tokens on the Harmony blockchain.
$GCURES tokens give you control over CureDAO and how it allocates its resources.
$GCURES tokens are awarded for the completion of quests and experiments that advance the CureDAO mission. Quests and Experiments are outlined in Clickup Tasks.

Your First Quest

Reward: 10 $GCURES tokens

Step 1: Install Metamask with Harmony Chain

Receive tokens by adding the Harmony (ONE) chain to your Metamask wallet like so:
How to Receive Tokens

Add the $GCURES token to Metamask

Click "Import tokens" and add 0xb8b6e51f022b6a98ac311820a908d1a37717d8c4

Step 2: Fill Out This Form With Your Metamask Address and GitHub ID

Join Us
Link to signup form
If you completed this quest successfully, you should see 10 $GCURES tokens in your wallet in a few days.

Community-Generated Contributions

Create valuable guest posts or articles, graphic design work, ideas, write a thoughtful min. 150 character comment, or perform other significant community-generated contributions.

Add New Contributors

Get a new person to become a part of CureDAO and contribute

Top contributors

Become a top contributor in your laboratory.

New Collaboration

Facilitate a successful collaboration

Level up in Discord

Tracked by the MEE6 Bot.
See the levels and leaderboard here:

Share our launch page

Before our token auction, you can share our launch page to be rewarded.

How Do We Determine The Number of Tokens

We could determine these based on things like engagement, impact, followers, monetary returns, level in Discord, etc.