Timeline for DAO organization and technical development


Q1/2022 Build the DAO

  • Create Whitepaper, Website, Media presence
  • Define collaborators and partners (DAO infrastructure, health data tech)
  • Setup DAO architecture and infrastructure
  • Build community, social media content
  • Fundraising phase (Genesis)

Q2/2022 Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

  • Collaborators vote for core features
  • Build MVP along side use in show case trial
  • Closed Testing with collaborators
  • Release V1 of the Software Framework
  • Open Testing with partners

Q3/2022 Integration and Testing

  • Integrate with other tech architecture (storage providers, data marketplaces, analysis software, etc.. )
  • Integrate with operating health data standards and Electronic Health Record
  • Build show case plugins
  • Release V2 of the Software Framework
  • Promote broader usage

Q4/2022 Applications Pilots

Accompany pilot programs of partners in the fields:
  • Open shared health database for research access
  • Trials platform with participation royalty payback
  • User centered health management
  • Algorithm and scores development
  • Data marketplaces

Q1/2023 Saas for profit, Plugins, Education

  • Create Plugin Marketplace
  • Create No-code platform for instances/ connectors
  • Build hosted SaaS service for profit
  • Create documentation and education material
  • Promote broader usage

Q4/2099 Retire and Smile

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