How to Vote on and Sort Issues By Priority

A big problem in projects is too many tasks and not enough time or resources to complete them.
We can overcome this by using crowdsourcing to prioritize issue importance. Anyone can click thumbs up or down on an issue. Then it's possible to sort issues by importance based on the number of thumbs up or down.
Additionally, the collectively defined importance of a task can be used as a variable in determining the level of compensation for completing the task.

2. Click on Issues

Step 2 screenshot

3. Click on an issue you want to vote on

Step 3 screenshot

4. Click the face in the issue and click thumbs up 👍

Step 4 screenshot

5. Click on Issues

Step 5 screenshot

6. Click on Sort

Step 6 screenshot

7. Click to sort by thumbs up 👍

Step 7 screenshot

8. Now issues with the highest importance will be at the top